Air Assist for Smoothie controlled by LightBurn

Can I please double check with you guys that my new AirAssist settings for M106/7 commands should work with these smoothie settings? Thank you.

#Switch modules


#Switch module for fan control true # Enable this module
switch.AirAssist.enable true
switch.AirAssist.output_pin 2.7 #EH0 24V
switch.AirAssist.input_on_command M106 #Calling this command sets the switch ON
switch.AirAssist.input_off_command M107 #Calling this command sets the switch OFF


  • Pin 2.7 is my smoothieboard heater HE0 which is free for use.
  • HE0 will drive a 24VDC > 220VAC external SSR switch.

Thank you.

Success :+1:
M106/7 drives my DIY SSR and all works like a charm.
Finally my air assist makes noise only during a job.

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