Air assist mess?

I have installed my custom Air Support.

In tests, the circles are soiled by the air.

It is normal? It is a collateral effect, what we have to accept?

If you look at the photo, without the air it is much cleaner …

I think you have a major problem with your fine tuning of the X and Y axis, the circles do not really meet each other and the numbers are very choppy unless it is a special font effect.
Regarding air support, the air flow is most important for cutting tasks and not for engraving, for acrylic also not (much) air is used when cutting. When engraving, typically only air support is needed to keep the lens clean.

What Bernd said :slight_smile:
In general I do this:
engraving - no air pressure (just enough to keep the lens clean)
cutting - air! :smiley:

It looks like those circles are not cut all the way through, if that’s the case the air assist is blowing back up out of the cut line onto the surface.

My first thought, when I saw this, was that your air nozzle mount or air line is creating a drag or distortion on laser head.

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