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Hey everyone,
Can I just ask if anyone has made their own air assist nozzle for the sculpfun s9?
I have ordered one online but I’m not going to receive it until June as I live in Australia and I can’t seem to find/buy one here. I am very impatient haha and want to know what I can use in the mean time while waiting for it to arrive. I have an air pump, tubing etc just don’t not sure what I could use as a temporary nozzle and how to attatch it.

Thanks I’m advance :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Also here is a laugh for everyone … when I first got my laser I was asking why it wasn’t cutting, everyone kept asking me if I had air assist. And I replied yes… only to find out yesterday that a table top fan sitting next to my laser machine is not air assist :joy::joy::joy: :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: you live and you learn haha!

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Do you have a 3d printer? There are plenty of designs on printables or thingiverse that you could use.

Alternatively, if you have access to any small diameter metal tubing, large hollow needles, or any sort of nozzle head (like from a 3d printer) that you could bore out to a suitable size could work. Really any rigid pointed object could be adapted. Not sure but maybe even the shaft of a ballpoint pen although you’d want the opening to be relatively small (~2 mm).

Unfortunately I don’t have a 3D printer that would have been great. I have a nozzle I could possibly use from my heat gun but I’m just unsure how I would attatch it to the laser.

Etsy has lots of sellers for 3D printed things.

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Maybe zip ties, rubber bands, or hair ties… really anything that can keep a good grip on it. But doesn’t have to be so robust given that it’s a temporary solution.

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@MissMearsy yes i have created one for the S9 and you can actually see a photo off it in the for sale post. I created it on my cnc machine out of aluminum but can send you a 3D file if you wanted to try printing it.

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I made one out of 5/32 brass hobby tubing and 5/32 silicone hobby fuel line. I used a regular worm-gear hose clamp to fasten it to the laser engraver head and constant pressure (spring-type) hose clamps to fasten the tubing to the hose barbs and brass.

I also considered a hollow knitting needle a good potential material donor for DIY air assist.

I did experience repeatable/provable gains with a home-made air assist. It definitely made a difference.

If it is a truly temporary situation you require, you could sculpt a makeshift nozzle from aluminum foil, and affix it with tape. That’s basically what I had to do with My Atomstack when I first got it. It worked fine until I could create a proper air assist.
It’s very easy to shape to the proper shape, and can be done in just a few minutes. if you use something as a form to shape it, it’s very easy to make a nice durable temporary nozzle.
Just make sure it has clearance for the beam, as you obviously do not want to be hitting the foil nozzle.

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