Air assist recommendation

Can anyone recommend a quiet and good air compressor for laser engravers (10w laser)?

Is there really no one who use air assist, by using a compressor you get a much better result.
Right now I’m using a big and noisy one, so I was hoping someone could give me a tip on a quiet compressor for laser use!

I have a 2 gal California Air that’s been great. It lives in my basement shop and is quiet enough that I can’t hear it upstairs. Similar designs available from other manufacturers, such as Harbor Freight.

I use, from Amazon…YT 304 Magnetic Vibration Air Pump. It has 4 pumps and all together pump puts out 18 liters per min. I have been thinking about buying 2, but have not done it yet. This pump from Amazon someone else is using it as well and that is where i originally read about it. It does the job for me. I have a GRBL controller with 10 w optical laser

I bought a California. It does its job, but it’s not quiet. It’s quieter than the one that came with the machine, tho.