Air Assist Settings for Dual Laser

I have an air assist upgrade installed on my OMTech - Ruida 130w Dual Laser. The air part is working fine and feeding both lasers. The problem I’m having is control over when Laser #2 “calls for” the air assist. Laser #1 air assist works as it should. But even though everything looks fine in the settings, Laser #2 does not activate the solenoid for air assist when I try to use it alone (i.e. Laser #1 idle). I feel like I’m missing something in the Ruida controller, or Lightburn. Anybody have something like this system?

If I’m following you both air assists ‘parallel’, if one is on, both are on… plumbing wise…

The problem is when ‘Air’ is selected in a running layer using laser 2, ‘Wind’ is not activated…?

I don’t have this kind of a setup to test this… There is only one place to enable air assist on the controller.

Sounds like one the Ruida quirks…


I think you’ve pretty much got it. I hope there is a more permanent work-around, but the only way to get air assist to Laser 2 is to fire Laser 1. So reducing Laser 1’s power below 10% and firing it in tandem with Laser 2 gets you the air assist. But that’s not the way I want to be long-term.

I am running ruida 6442 and my solenoid will activate at first move to the workpiece and stay on until its done this works for laser 1 and 2 together. Im sure i can make up a circuit to tie into to l1on and l2 on to control them separately but have not gotten that far yet. I am using Co2 and Diode but toggle my settings between the two in machine setting. Currently i am using a push connect valve which i turn on or off depending on which laser i am using. If i design the circuit i will send you over the schematic and parts list.

I think the issue is that when he sets laser 2 only in the layer with air assist. It does not energize the air assist solenoids.

I’d keep the ‘non’ lasing tube to the minimum value I could set.

You might be able to develop something like @Bachman suggested, but without the ‘Wind’ indicator, it would be only high or low air pressure without control.

Good luck


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