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Hello Lightburn Users
First of al I want to Introduce myself . My name is Richard and I’am new to this Forum . I have a laser machine (TS4060) with a Ruida conrtoller (rdc6442s) in it .

The last few months a made a few changes to my laser . Did buld in a Amp-meter, air assist with 2 air valves. and a decend power switch.
Now I want to take care of the extraction. I could turn it on right with the machine, but I don’t want that because I suck a lot of unnecessary dirt into the filter all the time the machine is in standby .So I switchs the power of the extraction with the “status” pin from the output of the ruida controller . My question is: can I specify a delay and advance somewhere? So that the extraction stops a little earlier and a little later.

Sorry for my bad english . Hope someone knows an answer to this.
Many thanks already.

I wired my fan into a door switch. So when I close the door or lid it turns on.

Yes, Richard, this can be done, at least part of it.

Basically, you need to add an inexpensive timer device that looks at the Status line. (I’ll get you some specifics later.) You can set it up to turn on the blowers when the cutting starts, and have the blowers continue for a period afterward, a length of time you can choose. (I use 30 seconds.) I don’t know of any way to have the blower start BEFORE the laser turns on.

Here is DROK timer module, on Amazon. DROK seems to have changed the packaging, it didn’t have the white cover before. (If you search for DROK at the top of the LB Forum, you’ll find some photos of how it USED to look. Pretty much a bare blue board.)

I’ll re-post a wiring diagram later today, I’m away from my resources at the moment…

Thanks Marty
Thank you I’m already a bit further now. with this solution.

It would be nice if there was a software solution for the advance of the extraction/air. it takes me a while before the extraction extracts enough. A check mark that you can turn on in the software or a setting in the ruida controller . Hopefully someone from lightburn will read with it

WIth a PLC ? can you explain this?
What I think is that no hardware knows in advance that the extraction has to be turned on. Except for the software or the controller itself that first turns on the extraction and starts the proces a few seconds later.

Search for “fan timer” then you find some affordable delayed relays with a range up to 180 minutes.

yes that is a nice solution for a shutdown delay. but I want to have the extraction on BEFORE the laser program runs… I don’t want to turn on the extraction continuously because: blows all room heat out 2. Makes a lot of noise. 3. The filter gets clogged faster

mij controller is a Ruida: rdc6442S

You are not alone, however…

In simple terms, you want it to read you mind and start before you push the start button…

When you build something and put a ‘start’ button on it, you really don’t think people “don’t want to start it when it’s pressed”…

Our dishwasher has a ‘delay’ so it will run during ‘off peak’ hours. No such animal on the Ruida…

If you want the extraction to start before everything else, you have to start it yourself.


And if you hook it to the lid switch as mentioned before? That it starts when you close the lid and stops 5 minutes after you open it? Or a manual start/stop button with off delay/fan timer.

Normally the laser machine starts when I press start. But it would be nice if the laser machine first starts the extraction and after that a few seconds starts with the laser job.

Yes, exactly, we understand what you want, many would like exactly that.

It just doesn’t work that way.

It wasn’t clear from the post. Does extraction run automatically now when a job is run?

If so, you could workaround the issue this way:

  1. Pre-start - setup a dummy layer with 0 power and slow enough speed that the air extract has time to startup. Order the layers and use cut optimization settings to make sure this layer runs first.
  2. Post-delay - same strategy as the first, but place another new layer that runs at the end of the cut order to continue the extraction as long as you like.
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yes this method I am now using for the problem. But this is a workaround . It would be nicer if somewhere in lightburn settings you had an option for this .

I find this somewhere a less beautiful solution.

Are you aware if Ruida offers this functionality in hardware? If not, then not much LB could do from a settings perspective. The solution would have be external.

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