Airassist causes issues


I have finallly be able to let the software control my airpump for the airassist.
But for some reason, everytime I send a new job to the machine the airassist starts, llaserhead will start for like the three first lines and then stop and the airpump still runs.
Only way to get rid of it is to unplugg the USB and reattach.
This results in homing and I can send the work again and now it will finish. The next job will results in a stop again and the restart is required again.

Pretty annoying since I can do 200 identical jobs in a row.

This never occure if I unbox the airassist.

It might help to have some additional details like what Controller and Firmware your machine runs.

This is most likely an electrical issue of some kind - electrical pumps can produce a lot of electrical noise, so if your machine is running everything from the same circuit and the controller or computer aren’t isolated, it could be either browning out (too much power draw) or interfering with the USB connection.

LightBurn has no way to interact with an air pump - it’s just changing an output pin on your board with a command, so if it all runs with the pump unplugged, LightBurn is still sending the command to activate the pin. If that all works, then the problem is electrical, not software.

I use a Cohesion3D Mini, not shore about firmware.
Lightburn-version is 0.9.02

The airpump, waterpump, computer and laser it self runs from the same power outlet.
Airpump is connect to a relay thats controlled by the M106 and M107.

Regarding airpump creats a electrical noise… it works flawless if i manually passby the relay, turn “Airassist” of and just let the pump run full.
And even if i unplug the airpump from the relay-output it does the same.

You have connected a relay to the C3D Mini?

Please show pictures of this setup and wiring?

I use P2.4 or P2.6 (can check wiring and config-file.
The relay is a “arduino-relay” like this

I will by a filter that should reduce noise by coil and capacitor combined and connect in series with airpump.

You would need to show where you’re connecting VCC / Gnd from the relay. The ‘In’ would come from P2.4 or P2.6, and the power draw there would be minimal, but the relay coil will likely draw more than the 5ma stated there, and that could easily brown out the C3D if you don’t have a power decoupling cap across VCC / Gnd.

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