Alarm 2 and error 9

Hi there I am doing a sign that is 2400mm x 1200mm using my
Ortur laser master 3. I have scaled it in lightburn and am just using the 400mm x 400mm box to position the design each time I move it. I have got 75% of the way through the print then stopped on or near line 71
Was saying alarm 2 and error 9

After talking with a tech he advised I update my firmware through a link I was sent on WhatsApp. After doing so I wasn’t even able to do any more.
The tech apologised to me saying he can’t help and to come on here for answers.

Is there a g code where I can plug in so that I can print bigger things without the laser tripping out and not subjected to just printing 400x400 max .

Cheers, cam

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