Alarm 3 - Ortur LM3 (Possibly solved by auto-joining lines?)

So I just got a Ortur Laser Master 3 that has been cutting great until I tried a DXF file generated by When selecting the multiple paths on screen the laser would start cutting and then would stop firing while still moving. I noticed that when flipping from “line” to “fill” the objects I was trying to cut wouldn’t fill. That lead me to auto-joining the line segments and the objects would now fill. When selecting all of the paths on screen it stopped giving the errors when running the job.

Is it possible that this series of non-joined line segments were putting something in the gcode that was making the Ortur throw out errors? Because that’s what it seems like was happening as this is the only job I’ve had issues with so far.

It’s absolutely possible that the DXF was imported with a bunch of separate tiny line segments. If that’s the case then instead of the laser path being based on a continuous closed path it would interpret every line segment as a separate tiny path which could be very inefficient if the laser was jumping around between segments.

Additionally, only closed path shapes can be filled which is why it did not work without closing the shape by joining the segments.

Did you get actual error on screen? If so, which ones? I tend to think you wouldn’t get errors so much as just really odd behavior. If the movement was jerky and violent enough I could see it triggering the shock sensor.

The laser would stop firing while continuing to follow a path and when I hit stop I got the alarm 3 error. I just compared the code between the not joined and joined lines which confirmed my suspicion…the machine was trying to do a rapid (G0) after every single G1 move was finished. In the joined file there is only one G0. I gues the rapids made the machine freak out.

Stopping in itself triggers an alarm condition so this isn’t surprising.

The movement between segments would likely be G0 as you would expect between shapes. Having a ton of these would make your laser behave and sound crazy.

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