Alarm lock after installing smoothie board to omtech 40

Hi I’ve installed the smoothie ware board to my omtech 40w to make it comparable with light burn but keep getting error alarm lock message.
I’m using MacBook Pro safari
It would be great if anyone e could help me with this as it’s driving me insane.

Hi please find another photo below of the message I receive when I try to do anything and no the laser wi t move with the arrow keys (if that’s what you mean. Sorry I’m new to this)

The debugging is viewed a bit different if it powers on with an alarm or the alarm occurs during a run… You’ve left us with little or no information.

Is this the first thing reported in the console when it fails?

Can you jog the head around or frame without an error?

Please use a screen shot, not a photo, which much more difficult to read.


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