Aligning or position parts or fixtures

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I’ve scoured these forums for an answer to this question but haven’t been able to find it. How do you go about aligning a fixture in relation to the origin so that it’s dead on. I have to etch some metal parts, and I want to make sure that the etching is dead center on the parts, every time I run the program. If I bump my honeycomb and it slides a little bit, I don’t know how to get it lined up again.

I put the shapes inside a frame using a colour set to not output.

It will still be sent to the machine for framing purposes.

So make the frame the size you need to align off a corner, position your cut shapes inside that in the correct location, and set your origin to the point you selected as a datum.

On my machine with an origin set to right/rear, I would find a corner at the right/rear of the workpiece and use that as the datum.

I use a jig and absolute coordinates. The jig was cut using the same coordinate/corner.

Do you have your honeycomb locked down somehow so that it won’t move?

I actually do this already, but the problem is making sure that when I load and unload the workpiece it’s at the same location every time.

Yep. Part of my bed-leveling mechanism.

@rojhan. Got it. That’s the key then. Did it come like that? I need to figure out a way to do that. My honeycomb is free floating. How is yours fastened to the bed leveling mechanism?

My adventure in bed-levelling is at Fine-tuning and "final" results of a 700x500mm 100W Red/Black Chinese laser.

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