Aligning text in a spreadsheet formation

If there a faster way to align text to a specific location? Say i have a column of 10 values and i want them all to start at a specific location on the x axis. Currently select each text individually and type the value in manually. When I select them all and type in a value it moves everything as it would be a single shape. Came with the center vertical tool. I have less then a day experience using this, so im sorry if this is a dumb question.

Based on your description the easiest way potentially to do this:

  1. select ALL the objects you want to align
  2. use Arrange->Align->Align Left/Right/V-Center as per how you would like this
  3. specify x location on numeric edits toolbar

Note: The 3x3 grid with one select dot in the numeric edits toolbar is used to specify the relative location by which edits on the toolbar are performed with respect to the selected objects.

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