Alignment appears to be off

Hello. 80W CO2 500 x 700 “red and black” clone with Rudia controller. I pressed Reset on my Rudia controller

and the laser head went slamming into all four corners. Later I continued with my cut jobs and all seemed well and normal, then I noticed some misalignment in some cuts on the X axis. In the first image the road with the missing part is supposed to be against the edge of the board. In the 2nd image the end of the road is supposed to align with the left edge of the cutout. In the 3rd image the road is also supposed to be over to the left at the little cutout notch. Finally, in the last image the underline is supposed to be centered under the header text.

I assume there is a mechanical adjustment I need to make or some kind of calibration, but don’t know where to start.

Thanks for any advice you can provide.