Alignment issue of objects

Hi been ill for a few months so not been using LB, simple issue I hope, running latest LB in Win 10 on boot-camped Mac Mini.

drawing a simple control panel for a friends new laser and i draw some circles for switches and put text under each one

I position the texts to more or less a horizontal plane, select the whole lot by drawing a box around the texts and use “align bottom edges” from the alignment icons at the top and the text jumps into different places.

I also tried selecting each object manually thinking the select rectangle did not pick them all in one go, still no joy same result different texts move from the first selection, align.

please see photos, 1 is where i roughly eyeballed them second is after lightburn aligned them.

any ideas as to why this should not align all the text boxes on the same horizontal line thank you. Im still in design stage not even got to laser stage yet…

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I think what’s happening is that the alignment tool is aligning to the geometric bottoms of each shape. In the case of “Lights” the lowest portion of the ‘g’ is what is being aligned to which gives the effect of it being pushed upward.

In this particular case you likely want a Top align although I feel like there could be a more elegant solution that I’m missing.

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i think you could be correct, ill try an experiment and see. Its a pity if it is as the text boxes are all the same size bar width and i was hoping for them to align on that rather than the font itself.

many thanks for your swift response

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