Alignment issue with Jarvis scan

I am using a Ruida X700 system making an image on birch. I have an image that is 150mm x 100mm and have a 150mm x 150mm box around it to cut the wood after the image is etched with everything centered. I am trying to scan with Jarvis.

When I do a horizontal scan the image is centered in the outer box correctly but when I do a vertical scan the image ends up about 10mm above center.

SECOND problem - with the Jarvis scan - If I set the rotation to scan at a 30 or 60 degree angle the head was moving at the proper angle but the laser never fires.

If you need my file I can send it to you.


I don’t recommend using angles that aren’t horizontal or vertical with Ruida controllers, unless you’re doing something “artistic” like a solid fill. It’s not supported by the hardware, so I emulate that with cut lines, and it doesn’t overscan, so the edges will burn a bit. If it’s not firing, chances are good you didn’t set the Min Power setting high enough.

Does the vertical scan look wrong in the preview as well, or just when you cut it?

I just looked and the preview does look proper so it was only the image sent to the laser.

My real problem is I need a new belt for my x axis - and until I replace it its causing some banding on images. That is why I was trying these other things to see if I could get a good scan while waiting for the new belt.

Check the tension on the X - I got horrible banding for a while and realized the connection on the right side of the head itself had loosened. I tightened that up and the banding is gone.

Worth mentioning - if you have scanning offset (reverse interval) settings applied, they aren’t different between horizontal and vertical, so if you switched directions you might need to adjust that.