Alignment issue

So…burned this 10"x12" with red/grey 60w ruida @
300x17…about 2/3 the way up started drifting a good 3/16" to the right ( you can see it real clear on droplets coming from skull)…bottom third and top third of print lined up nicely…
I did notice it on a small 8"x9" project I did prior to this but I kinda thought it mighta been the image I used…anyways…anyone else ever have this issue?..any and all input will be much appreciated :+1:

What is the speed of the X axis? Probably too fast and intermittently the stepper motor starts skipping steps

Thank you for reply I’ll check settings when I get home…
I have 16" square bed and issue seems to be isolated to around 4" of middle section, right side of center, on the X axis only…one third of top and bottom align great…any and all input much appreciated :+1:

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