Alignment question

I am contionualy faced by issues of the laser loosing alignment, and as the “guide” that came with it refrences a completely different setup then what the actual machine is I have been wondering something.

It refers to checking alignment in the front two corners and the back corners, which makes sense, except, the machine I am using is sized in such a way that the entire bridge with all the mirrors also houses the laser tube.
That should mean I dont need to check the back corner alignment at all, right?

Every corner is either maximum, minimum or in between for the distance the beam has to travel. If it’s aligned on all fours, then it’s probably set.

If you tube is on the Y gantry, output to the rear, then the distance from the tube to the lens, will not change between left and right hand side, but front to back, it will…

Make sense?

There are lots of videos out there. You need to use your knowledge of the differences in the machines to accomplish the same thing.

Tried to find a picture, to see your machines ‘innards’, but only found lots of art…

Let us help you out…

What kind of issues is it. A little more detail about ‘laser losing alignment’.

What part is going out and how long between failure?


thank you.
mostly it seems to be loosing the …errr, hit? on the third mirror.
and this comes out as the material I am engraving, the back of mirrors having patches, usually on the left hand side of the machine (the 0 is on the right) that just dont get the same power, making the engrave all screwed up for portions of it, that I cant really just to a second pass on, because of how irregular they are, and because that would mess up the “correct” portions of the back.

Have you checked to ensure the mirrors themselves are not loosening up?

It sounds mechanical, you need to set up a process to determine what is happening.

Once a complete alignment is done and you are confident, including aligned at at least three corners.

When you notice it, start at one end and recheck the alignment, but don’t change anything until you determine what/where it’s failing.

Good luck