All Camera Selection attempts cause crash to desktop

Just bought a NexiGo N60 FHD webcam and while attempting to select it or run the calibration test, Lightburn crashes. No matter how I attempt this LB crashes, before or after starting Lighturn, any attempt to access the camera causes a crash to my desktop. Windows 10, All drivers are up to date, the Camera app shows my camera with both video and photo capture available. I cannot allow Liightburn access to the camera because it does not show up as a app that I can allow access within the Privacy settings. I have allowed all programs access to the camera and still crashes. Running lightburn on my PC so no issues associated with a laptop. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Go to Settings, and at the bottom try changing the capture system from ‘Custom’ to ‘Default’. That uses older tech, but it’s less likely to be sensitive to driver issues, video card compatibility crap, Windows permissions, etc.

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That did it! Thanks

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