All of a sudden after upgrade, diagonals are squiggly

Since upgrading to the new version, I noticed a lot of things are different in the way my machine cuts. One I’m cutting painfully slowly, and this of the biggest differences, is that diagonals, corners, and ovals are a bit squiggly… By squiggly, I mean what should be a smooth curve, is now ridged When I engrave letters for example… the engraving is perfect, but the outline is wavy… I have reduced acceleration to the bare minimum, and like I said, I’m cutting rather slowly… I think I figured out the outline part, as there is now separate settings for the fill, and line, where they used to be the same speed. But for normal cuts, I feel like I’m missing something… Any ideas?


There was nothing in this release that changed how the machine should cut.

In your settings, page, what is the Curve Tolerance value set to at the bottom? (click the File Settings page button first):

That number controls the accuracy of the curve subdivision when splitting up splines and arcs into line segments to send to the laser. If that got set too high, it can make the output look rough.

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