All of a sudden my limit switches have both stopped working, but Ruida sees them

C02 laser/Ruida controler

I turn the machine on this morning - and the limit switches are not working. They are both glowing red when the gantry triggers them, but the gantry doesn’t stop moving, it carries on past the limit switches.

This has only just started doing it, was running fine yesterday

Any ideas?

edit - I can confirm that Ruida is seeing the sensor being triggered, its just not stopping the gantry from moving past them!

The Ruida tells the steppers to go until it senses the limits.

It’s clear the limits are being sensed, from the photo. I assume both are triggered when you took the shot?

If they are ‘stuck’ active the machine usually doesn’t move far before it errors out.

If everything is going the correct direction when it’s homing, I think it indicates a bad controller. I don’t take this lightly, but it looks like the signals are there, it’s just not doing what it’s supposed to do.

The boot process is kind of a user ‘eliminated’ process, if you know what I mean… You don’t have much configuration or control until it’s completed the boot.


All fixed,

For whatever reason it had reset to default settings, or factory settings.

I looked at the settings via lightburn and both sensors where tuned off, or negative. I switched them on and it’s all good now :slight_smile:

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Must have paid extra for the ‘gremlin’ option…

Glad you’re back up…


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