All Preferences and Devices randomly deleted


I have lightburn 0.9.20 on windows 10. I opened lightburn after my computer had restarted and all of my preferences and devices had been deleted. I have no idea why.

I was able to get my preferences back by replacing the prefs.ini with my last copy in the backup folder. Is there a way to do this with my devices? I have three machines with unique Offset
Adjustments so it would be a huge pain to reconfigure them.


Search your computer for .lbdev files. You can import them from the Devices screen.

I have not seen this reported before. Please share all details you can, it really helps. Do you remember the cause, requiring you to restart? Was LightBurn running when you did this restart?

Hi Rick,

I can see where I should be able to import them. When using the search function in windows I can’t find any files on my with .lbdev extension. Is there somewhere specific I should be looking?

I don’t believe lightburn was running when I restarted (I closed it first). I was using Illustrator and the computer was lagging and seemed glitchy so I thought a restart might do something. After I restarted Lightburn prompted me to setup my first device.

I am sorry, I miss directed you with my last response. The .lbdev file is only generated when you ‘Export’ the Device Profile.

I need some further clarification because your Device Profile information is stored in the prefs.ini file. Are you saying, you looked in backups, quit LightBurn, copy a recent backup into the main folder, and then re-launched, and you no longer have any previously defined Device Profiles? If so, try again with an earlier backup to see if you get the same result.

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