All preferences, devices erased

I am running lighburn 0.9.24. I tried to open Lightburn from the icon in my taskbar (windows 10), I can’t remember if it was already running, but when it popped up it asked me to setup my first device. It had erased all of my settings. It should have had 4 devices already setup.

In the Lightburn>backup folder there was a pres file from today, and then nothing until 2.5 months ago. This seemed strange since I use lightburn every day and have added a device in the last 2.5 months.

This is the second time this has happened to me. Why does Lightburn do this? It’s a huge pain.

The prefs folder should have backups from every time you changed the preferences, which is at least once per run (the window layout is stored when you close).

Did you log in as a different user on the same computer? That would do it.

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I login to windows with the same user every time (there is only one). When you say once per run, do you mean it should save a new prefs every time I send a file to the laser?

Currently in the backup folder there is 1 prefs from today, 8 prefs from 3/31/2021, 1 prefs from 1/29/2021, dozens from 11/30/2020 and more sporadically farther back.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening in the future or a way to force lightburn to save a prefs file every week or something? Like I said, I had added another laser/device since the prefs were saved on 3/31/2021, and it had no memory of that. Luckily I had the line shift written down in a notebook.

No, the backup pref file should be written anew, each time you close LightBurn. If I open the file manager to the backup folder, I can watch this file creation in real time.

Ok got it. When I close lightburn I can see the prefs in the lightburn folder update in real time.

I see “prefs_08062021_134845” created in the backup folder and it looks like it’s overwriting the prefs file from earlier today. I’ve opened/closed lightburn a bunch today and there is only one prefs in the backup folder.

We can confirm what you are seeing and will update when we have completed testing a resolution. Thank you again for reporting and helping us track this down. :slight_smile:

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