Alternate M code for laser TTL to use FAN1 in Marlin

I am currently evaluating the latest trial version of lightburn and I am wondering if there is any way to change the M code that Lightburn uses to control the laser TTL. I have added a diode laser to my 3D printer as an accessory and it uses the FAN1 pin that I have assigned (FAN0 is already assigned to an onboard MOSFET that outputs 12v for a cooling fan, my laser TTl controller uses 5v logic). FAN1 is controlled via M106 P1 XXX. I am able to get this working by exporting the gcode and and using search/replace with notepad++ to append the “P1” but would like to be able to host my machine with Lightburn without using a level shifter. Perhaps I’ve overlooked something?

In Edit -> Device Settings you can change the tool index at the lower right, here:

Wow, literally right under my nose! Thanks for the assist!

Not all of this stuff is obvious. In an effort to make things compact in the settings sometimes it makes things harder to find. You’re welcome. :slight_smile: