Alternative controllers for co2 lasers

Hello everybody. I’m thinking about modding my K40 to run lightburn. I saw that a cheap way was to run grbl-lpc on a mks sbase 1.3. Unfortunately that board is not being produced anymore. Do you guys know a valid alternative without it being too expensive? Thanks for you attention.

Awesome Tech has very recently announced that there’s a new revision to their mini gerbil board that’s meant to be a drop-in replacement for the K40.

Mini Gerbil status update – AwesomeTech

I don’t have direct experience with it but believe it’s fairly well regarded.

I have their original Mini-Gerbil controller which I have been very happy with. Very easy to install, has all the necessary features that a K40 can support and is sensibly priced.

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I see, but it is currently out of stock. Since I live in Italy, I would like to buy something that wouldn’t require a month to arrive.
It is not so clear when they’ll be available again, even if it would be a perfect solution. I thank you both, guys. And I am open to new solutions.

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