Alternatives to radius tool

How do I add a radius to the missing corners without the radius tool?
So far I use the node tool, draw a circle and then delete the unused nodes … that’s a bit too complicated at many corners.
At all other corners the radius tool works fine, only at the outer ring do I have that problem. I am well aware that this feature, where curves meet lines is not supported right now in the radius tool.

I would do this in Fusion 360 or some other full featured CAD program and export to a file that LB can read (SVG?).

Hi Chris,
Yes, for complex tasks I also use Inkscabe but for smaller tasks like the one shown here it is a bit overkill. It takes less than 3 minutes to “construct” this little object … but it takes twice the time to send the file back and forth and process it externally.
It’s certainly not a criticism of LB, I’m just asking if anyone has a smarter solution in LB for this task, better than the way I do it.
I am convinced that the radius tool will be perfected when the time comes.

I am not sure why it would take more than 6 minutes or more to export a file and import it into LB (I don’t use Inkscape so maybe that is the issue). Right-clicking the sketch in Fusion, select export to DFX, and then drag the file into LB doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds. As far as LB functionality goes, it would be nice to be able to select each of the corners that you want to apply a radius to and apply all at one time rather than having to click each corner individually as currently implemented in LB. This is especially true if you have many corners in the design.

You are completely right with the import export time, it does not take that long :wink: Maybe it’s just because it’s an interruption in the original workflow that it seems so time consuming to me.
I would be very happy just to add a radius to every corner.
I think that adding more than one corner at a time will be really difficult to program.

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