Alumamark settings for true black

Hi, has anyone managed to get a true black on Alumamark for text.

We have tried, with our Koenig 0604 80W Ruida, and the best result we have managed is a grey to brown on Satin Silver Alumamark.

Any advice would be great. Thanks

I’ve had my issues with these coatings. I use LBT100. Probably a similar coating. Had to put some power to it, but realized the coating was too thick.

That is the hardest part, the thinnest coating you can consistently apply.

This one is slightly too thick of a coating, but usable.

The other issue is that the thicker the coating the less lpi/dpi. Takes more power and I can’t maintain a 0.1mm dot if it’s too thick. Too much area around the ‘dot’ heats up and bonds to the stainless.

I used the compound lens.

Good luck


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