Aluminum cards with 10w isn’t producing crisp lines

Hello, I have a longer ray5 10w and am trying to do these aluminum cards. .08m thickness. I can’t seem to get this to laser without the lines protruding from the edges. I have tried overscan ranging from 2.5 to 4, overscan off, speeds up to 6k, line spacing from .1 to .01 and crosshatch. Any tips on crisping the lines?

Filling in the Scaning Offset Adjustment table and enabling it should do the trick:

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i have actually had to disable it it some cases because of pre loaded machine profile that did not corrispond with the laser head being used (interchangeable laser modules).

actually had to do this and figure this same problem 5 minutes ago.

I would consider testing off or 0%, 1% and 2% especially if the lines were worse when going from 3% to 4%.

Great picture.
aluminum card with diode crop

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