Always a little material left where cut began

For example, if I cut out a square and the cut begins at the top left of the square and cuts CCW 3 times, the square cuts out fine, but there’s almost always a little material left at the top left where the cut began (which stops the piece from dropping free after the cut - annoying). Not enough material to justify an entire new pass (would add a significant amount of time to the overall job). Any suggestions on what to do? My first though was to somehow have the laser dwell at the initial point for a second or so (does Lightburn have such a functionality?). Thanks

Have you tried ‘overcut’ in the advanced cut settings ? never needed to try it myself but may help.

Check you don’t have tabs turned on

That setting looks like it may help, I’ll give that a shot

Checked, tabs are off (by default it seems - never had them on for any project)

Only other setting I can think of the MIGHT cause that is Lead in/Lead out on the Advanced tab of the cut menu, if its not that, is it repeatable moving shape to different area of work area and get missing section in same part of shape or different part of shape, possibly lose wiring, check all cables are secure at both ends and not catching on something.