Amazing Product

My situation - been running Lightburn on an old Mac laptop for some time, using my laser cutter, I don’t do much cutting but it all works well.

I also run a more industrial plasma steel-cutting machine and create the jobs using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop which are then passed on to a CAM program for the machine. However, I’ve just upgraded the laptop and my older Photoshop and Illustrator no longer run on it - serious problem for me.

Got me thinking - can i do all my work in Lightburn? The simple answer is YES! Did some workflow trials and it’s a little different but wow, Lightburn is probably the best bit of software I have seen or used for years. The Weld tools are probably better than those in Illustrator and as long as DXF export stays I’ll be one very happy user :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the developers at LightBurn, you have created one hell of an application here.


Thank you - much appreciated. And the DXF export isn’t going anywhere. :slight_smile: