Ambient light effect a burn process?

Hello and thanks for adding me.
I have a couple of NOOB questions that I am having trouble finding answers to.
First is will the Outside light around the laser effect anything, burning on wood or tile? For instance if I am using it in the poorly lit LED shop or out in the sun on a nice day?

Second is During a focusing or “test fire” at 0.5-2%, or even during a Shift/frame procedure. Should you have the laser googles on? I am having trouble centering the dot and confirming if it is in best focus. The ATOMSTACK PRO also has a red protective shield that makes it even more difficult to see the dot unless you look under the gap. Just want to be safe but can’t see well otherwise.

First the more important thing, it does not take much power to permanently damage your eye, always have some kind of protection.

Ambient light does not affect your laser.

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