An issue with the multi node select feature

Hey guys, I noticed that when trying to select multiple nodes you seem to need a minimum sized selection box, making it difficult to select the nodes you need in dense areas. Zooming in does not help, as the issue seems to relate directly to the actual area the selection box covers, not how much of the screen it covers.

Another question I had…I was wondering why ctrl-click is being used to insert nodes, when we already have the “i” key. Reason im asking is because it would be really useful to be able to deselect nodes using control, as with normal objects. I cannot control-box-deselect nodes either.

Otherwise, This feature has been super helpful. Gives me a lot more fine control :slight_smile:

Also, When I have multiple nodes selected and I go to drag them, many times it will grab an anchor instead just drag that, forcing me to backtrack and re-select the nodes.

As a side question, When I am trying to grab a group of objects with the selection box, sometimes it will only grab objects when they are completely enclosed in the box (which I believe is the intended functionality) and other times it will grab an unwanted object even if I have the slightest overlap with that object (which makes it hard to grab certain objects in tight spaces). Am I missing something here or is that not supposed to happen?

I know that last question: It varies on which way you drag the box. Note how one drawn dragging left will be green, whilst one dragged right is a red border. One will include only what is totally enclosed and the other will include anything it touches. Very handy at times :slight_smile:

This is correct for normal selection actions, but not when editing nodes.

Multi-node editing is new, selection and node insert is a bit different, yes. I will let Oz explain his reasoning, direction as well as address the zoom issue.

whoaaa, did not know that about the selection box direction! no wonder it seemed to randomly happen.

Ok, another weird thing Im getting is when i hold control and try to box-deselect a few objects, Lightburn will deselect objects that were already selected but then select some objects that were not, instead of just deselecting everything that was boxed. Anyone know this one?


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