And then the tube broke

I was playing around cutting something and it didn’t get through.
So I decided to make a testpiece and cut with various power %.

Suddenly a loud sound coming from the tube area.
Not sure what happened… But the tube is leaking power :wink:

However time to order a new tube I guess. (Which I was planning anyway, it just sped up things)

Check the sparks: (unfortunately I can’t post a video)

I know you know this but make sure you unplug the machine before you change that tube… we need you around so you can share links with the group… :wink:

I like the color of your machine too :rofl:

Here is ours



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I am still pondering to name it the Hulk or Kermit :wink:
Hopefully I will receive the tube quickly…

and thank you for the concern regarding unplugging. I am not sure what caused this failure tho… any idea?


Hehe now I am also considering The Grinch :wink: thank you for that!

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The color reminds me of one of my childhood toys
That Brought me so much joy in the 70’s

Seems like something I would’ve enjoyed as well… but since I was born mid 70’s I had no such joy!

They have been making it since the seventies, you can still buy it [The Green Machine](Huffy Green Machine Kids Trike for Ages 8+, Drifts and Spins

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