Anomalies with lb resources stored in the cloud

i thought i saw some chatter somewhere about some weirdness with lightburn resources (like libraries, etc…) when used on cloud platforms. i thought dropbox was discussed.

i use dropbox extensively and share libraries, profiles, backups, etc… for multiple lasers across multiple computers and it is flawless.

i know the rub behind sharing settings because in many cases, no 2 lasers are quite the same, even if from the same distributor. i have all thunders so I’m fortunate to have machines that are all designed, built, and calibrated the same way (across each respective series) so these are pretty spot on and can be shared throughout the thunder community.

i did make an anemic attempt to search this, but found little buzz on it.

are there any known, documented, references to any such issues with cloud platform file storage when used with lightburn?

The principal issues with cloud platforms are:

  • Synchronization if more than one computer alters the resource at the same time
  • The possibility for file access failure if the cloud service ‘grabs’ the file while LightBurn is trying to use it

Art Library files are opened once and assumed that nothing is altering them in the background. If another user on a different computer changed the file, and your cloud sync service updated the file “behind you” while LightBurn was still running, it would corrupt the file.

Material library files are less prone to errors because they’re read / written completely when altered, but someone changing the library “behind you” would still mean that their change would be lost if you did something to alter the library after they did.

Short version: We don’t expect people are actively using resources at the same time on multiple computers, and we don’t attempt to deal with sync or file access problems like this at this time.

I would really like to have this on some feature roadmap list :slight_smile:
I use a laptop to control my laser and a desktop PC to do most of the preparation. It would be really great if I could keep both in sync. So far, I constantly struggle with background settings that I changed on one PC but not on the other…
The files are transferred via OneDrive, but just a few minutes ago I forgot to change the fast whitespace scan settings to the value I used on my PC to calculate my project time. Now it’s running much slower than expected…

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dropbox actually works very well as long as you make the folders for the pertinent files local and not online only. then even an internet interruption wont be an issue because they are physically on the computers you want them to be on

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