Another beautiful carve o my collection with lightburn with 15w ortur

I really master my light burn software. Thanks to lightburn and the forum, now I can engrave on wood brilliantly without any hesitation see my my first wood engraving. see my work

  1. image 500/30 1 pass
  2. text 500/20 2 pass
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Congratulations on this!
After all, there is still some room for improvement. The image, which should be a graphic, is missing some snippets in the flag and in the text below. Image is generally a bit too inconsistent in powersettings. The text itself might look more powerful with “fill + line” or just a little more power.
The road to perfection is long but that is also what makes our work with laser machines so interesting and enjoyable.
Keep going!

Hi bernd,
Thank you very much for the observation. Definitely, there is a lot room for improvement. I will look at your ideal to improve myself. I will keep on paving that road for perfection. great looking out.

Digi, I can not see if you have pre-treated your wood, it can often be a good idea with a little sanding to break the roughness of the surface. Another amazing effect you sometimes get, by moistening your wood before you engrave it, just enough until the surface is noticeably moist - not soaked, a water spray bottle does good services here.

Hi bernd,
the wood was per-treated with sand sealer before I did any engraving. this is a trick I learned from carving with a router to keep the wood grain uniform. and also after the engraving I applied a 1 coated of finish polycrylic so the engraving can pop out nicely and also protect wood as well.