Another Boolean Question

I have several 48" signs I’m making for a local Veterinarian’s office. I’m wanting to cut and weld the inner oval with the lettering so when I cut it, the lettering stays in and the entire piece has a frame around it. When I highlight the piece, the only Boolean option that highlights is the top ‘weld’ otion, and the piece comes out like the one on top with the fonts missing Any advice on this? Thanks


This will help:

Have a look at this for a solid explanation of the Boolean features within LightBurn:

Select both ovals and group them and do the same for the text, then select both the grouped ovals and grouped text and choose ‘Boolean Union’.


Ok, that took care of my issue. I just had to group my two ovals together, then had to group my text as well. Thanks for the quick response guys, much appreciated.