Another Camera Question

Based on my bed size of 1000mm x 600mm the location of the camera would calculate as follows:

160 degree lens: 1000mm / 2.7 = 370mm (14.5" height above bed)
140 degree lens: 1000mm / 1.8 = 555mm (21.8" height above bed)
120 degree lens: 1000mm / 1.5 = 666mm (26.2" height above bed)
90/80 degree lens: 1000mm / 1.4 = 714mm (28.1" height above bed)
60 degree lens: 1000mm / 0.825 = 1212mm (47.7" height above bed)

Because my laser engraver is in a fixed location, I can mount the camera on a bracket at any height listed. Most would mount inside the unit, a few would mount above the unit with the lid open.

The question is, is it better overall to have the camera mounted closer to the bed using a wide angle lense or farther from the bed using a narrow angle lens or just shoot for a middle range?

Also, because my bed has a 390mm height adjustment, I will need to make sure the top surface of the object I am scanning is at the same height that the camera was calibrated too?
Couldn’t I also just move the bed all the way down to it’s lowest position and then calibrate the camera with lid close using a 160 degree lens, then capture and generate all the images and then shift the bed up to the appropriate height for actual engraving?

Narrower angle lenses give better precision at the extreme edges of the image, because the coverage of pixelsis more consistent, but the effect is not very strong with the 120 lens and lower.

Usually you load your material and set your focus point, and so the top of the material is always as the same height as the alignment card was when you calibrated. As long as you aren’t changing the focal length of your lens you shouldn’t need to adjust anything. It’s the location of the top of the material that matters, not the height of the bed.