Another Moose on Maple Wood

White washed Maple

2,5 watt eleksmaker 32 bit nano

LightBurn Stucki dither

1200 mm/min @45% power 318 DPI

15 x 105 mm

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Quick question.

I tried white washing some ply with painters touch and then engraved on it.

The result was very good as the engrave was very well defined but when I rubbed my fingers across the engraving it was clearly covered in ‚Äėsoot‚Äô‚Ķ

I applied a dry cloth but that didn’t solve it so I added a little lacquer thinners and it did remove the soot but the picture has faded somewhat.

What do you do to keep the wood / image vibrant post engrave???

Just to clarify the original engraving had so much soot that although the image was very clear my touch by a hand/finger and it smudged etc. So it couldn’t be handled or given away etc.

Hmmm…never had that issue…I make sure the wood is soaked with Lacquer thinner and spray a light coat of paint…when maybee a minute /before it starts to dry then rub and wipe/rub in o excess with scott towel that is also has some thinner on it…perhaps too thick and or what laser do you have

Plus make sure wood is sanded with about 220 grit first


I did not soak the wood with thinners before I painted it. I also did not wipe off the excess paint.

My laser is a 3.5w diode and it came out very well. Before I smudged the picture I felt the image was very very good.

I feel I may have overlooked the initial steps of this process however. I will try it again!

I believe the trick is to allow the paint to soak into the wood pores…like a stain…not dry on surface

Thank you.

I will give it a go.

Its all such a learning curve! My tile work is getting better but I find that on each tile I have done one area seems to not engrave… I assume this is my initial coating with primer bring an issue.

For some reason I find getting an even coat with spray paint tricky - pathetic huh!

Make sure the tile is cleaned thoroughly…first I use scoot towel with Lacquer thinner…shake can real good…6-8 inches spray lightly from side to side…overlap edges by about 3-4 inches,start at bottom work up overlap spray pattern usually 4 passes