Any other OSX users out there?


(Scott Chausee) #1

Hey gang,

Im running two 27" iMacs with Lightburn and I have to say I love it. Plug N play all the way. Plug the light burn camera in viola its working, not so sure if that would have happened with windows 10. I love the easy file sharing between the Macs. When I first set the Laser up I had a Windows 10 Laptop, I hated it, I could get files off the Mac but all the fonts I used on the Mac did not transfer to the Laptop and thus my setup was messed up.

I haven’t found it yet but is there a way to share the Lightburn camera?

(Oz) #2

Hi Scott - how do you mean, “share the camera?”

(Scott Chausee) #3

Id like to be able to view the feed on my other computer.

I know I know we are supposed to be baby sitting the laser but that is not always possible.

(Bernd ) #4

I have tried to run LB with my Mac Powerbook pro / OS Mojave unsuccessfully. There was no contact to the usb port from LB, unfortunately.

(Oz) #5

Bernd - Depending on the type of laser you have, you most likely need a driver for the hardware. If it’s an GCode based board, this would be the case.

If you have a controller that uses an FTDI communication chip, MacOS has a built-in driver that sometimes conflicts with the FTDI driver. There’s a fix for that here:

(Oz) #6

Fire is something that is always possible. I know I can’t prevent people from running their lasers unattended, but I won’t add features that encourage it. If you have a fire and kill someone, I need to know I didn’t help that happen. I’ve seen too many post-fire pictures captioned “I had to pee” or “the doorbell rang” - it happens very quickly.

(Scott Chausee) #7

I totally understand that… thanks anyway

(Bernd ) #8

Oz- I know this solution but I am not so fond of deleting some system files in OSX because I do not know enough about this operating system. Right now I run the laser with LB on Windows 7 in my workshop and LB on Mac in the living room - without laser control. To learn and experiment with LB, it is an acceptable solution for me.

(Bernd ) #9

… only one note, my mac book pro fell in love with LB 0.9! without having to do anything special, it’s great

(Neil Scott) #10

@scott newbie here, im only ever been a mac user , i am using my laser on a win 10 laptop, havent tried it yet on the mac.