Any other OSX users out there?


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Could i please ask you what camera you are using on your mac, i havent set the camera up yet, i am still learning what the software does as i only got it this week and now having watched the LB youtube channel on cameras on what they can do i am very interested in adding a camera any info gratefully received!

(Scott Chausee) #22

My machine is 500x700mm so Im using the Lightburn 120 degree camera.

I have a smoke evac system going out the cellar window

(Neil Scott) #23

Thank you and that just plugs straight in to your mac via usb , no drivers needed, No hassle setting the camera up apart from occasional dropouts. i didnt realise LB sold their own cameras, I will need to take a look. Are you running it on an iMac or MBP? Thanks for your help, Im a new user to the software.

(Scott Chausee) #24

Im running iMac 27 at the machine

(Neil Scott) #25

Thanks, i am going to see if an iSight will run on LB as I have a couple in my boxes of mac gear, and some win logitech webcams before i splash out 80 usd plus taxes and postage to Europe which will make what is an open usb manual focus cmos camera very expensive, I just wish there was an av to usb converter as i have tons of small high rez cameras from security installs i could use.

(Oz) #26

Regarding the Mac locking out the USB port issue, this might help:

(Scott Chausee) #27

Thanks Oz I will give that a try

(Scott Chausee) #28

Oz I got sidetracked by life and have not had a chance to check out that serial port FTDI release thing yet. But I have another question.

Im running LB on 2 Macs and an HP windows 10 laptop. What I noticed is that when clicking on a button like the Save or Open buttons I get no Tactile feedback on the Macs but on the Laptop it does work. Any ideas or is this an inherent issue with the MACs or is it ME?

(Jason Spangler) #29

you could use Open Broadcaster to broadcast your camera from the one mac, and open the video stream using VLC on the other mac.

Not that walking away is a good thing…but, to have a remote viewing station in the house is a good idea for anyone that wants to watch, or you can also use OBS to stream to YouTube Live, etc.


(Oz) #30

I’ve honestly never noticed that before. I’ll have a look - I might need to manually provide alternate images for MacOS, or change the visual style.

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