Any plans on bringing in a 3d mouse for pan and zoom features?

I have a 3D connexion mouse that I use for my auto cad software and I would like to use it in Lightburn as well but it does not recognize it. I’m new to Lightburn and I LOVE IT! Thank you! Tim

That would be awesome! I’d love to see that as well for my space mouse.

This seems like a “not anytime soon” kind of thing. These super mice all have to be added individually. They do not use the default mouse drivers built into the OS. It’s a lot of work to support them in an application.

In the interim, you can still create your artwork in whatever application suits you best and import the drawing into LightBurn just for setting up the job and sending it to the laser.

When it comes to a 3d mouse for modelling there really is only one game in town, and that’s 3d connexion.

I know that there are more important things to work on… I was hoping that there was a master ‘enable 3d connexion’ button that I was missing! LOL

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