Any reason at all that my Z axis would occasionally move by 20 upon the initiation of a job

I have no offsets in my cut.
Z optimization is set to on in settings.
Oddly, the speed setting keep resetting itself to 10…occasionally.
My usual offset is 113 or 5 and speed is ALWAYS 100
I cannot duplicate this on demand.

If you aren’t using Z values in any of your layers, you should just turn off the Z completely. Because Ruida controllers do not allow relative Z moves during a job, I have to send an initial height move. The system reads the controller height, and if you have a material height of 0, it will just leave things alone, but if you have a non-zero material height it will jog Z to that height.

I have no idea what you mean by “my usual offset is 113 or 5”.

“I have no idea what you mean by “my usual offset is 113 or 5”.”

I was just letting you know what my move settings. I didn’t mean offset, sorry. I rarely use offset and have it set to 0. Material thickness is also at 0. I place my laser head against the material and drop 113 for perfect focus. Out of nowhere at the beginning of a program the z moved down at execution. I checked the z value. It was 20. It just moved 20 at the beginning of a job several times for no reason and of course the cut failed. I’ll keep watching it.

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