Any reason not to burn at 100% power?

I am new to cutting/engraving and have been making some material test cards to get a feel for the results based on speed and power…

And I have a question… In my outline test, lets say I look at 1500mm/m @ 30%, its pretty much exactly the same as 5000mm/m @ 100%…

Is there any reason for going slower and at lower power which will just take longer? Or where possible, is it better to go for 100% power and get the job done quicker?

Diode laser?

LEDs lifespan is related to the heat they are operated at. Less heat, longer lifespan.

Running at lower power gives the diode and heat sink time to catch up and remove built up heat (longer life). Running full power can shorten the overall diode life, significantly if the thermal design is marginal to begin with.

Basically it’s a tradeoff between your time and the diodes time.


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