Any RF CO2 laser Gurus?

I got My paws on a recently refurbished Coherent K250 RF Laser tube. The Numbscull that plucked it from the machine it was in, Scrapped the power supply, because I wasn’t specific enough in saying to “grab the laser out of it for Me”. So here I sit with a badass RF C02 tube, but no power supply.

The supply for this laser can be in the ballpark of about $12,000.

That’s a bit rich for My blood right now. So… what I was wondering is this:

can you use another power supply other than the specific supply for this tube?

I see tons of Coherent Rf power supplies in the $1200-$1600 range…

Is there something super specific about the K250 power supply? Or can I use a different Coherent 250 watt supply?

I’m old hat with glass tube lasers, and fiber lasers, but RF tube lasers are completely new to me…

Is there anything I can do to use this tube with My ruida controller (which supports RF) and Lghtburn?

Thanks so much!