Any successful rotary users on AWC Controllers?

I have the LightObject X7 ( AWC Lite) and I am having issues. I’ve posted on their forum now I searching here. I realize the settings are done only on the controller for this one and I’ve triple checked my numbers in the menu section. The rotary does move, and it moves in the correct direction, just the amount of travel as WAY to small. I have a separate stepper drive on the U axis with the setting of 1/16. I have 200 step/rev motor with a 6:1 reduction. So… 16 uSteps * 200 step motor * 6:1 ratio = 19,200 steps/rev. I have a sample box 50mm wide and 25mm high, but when I do a frame operation the total movement along the U is about 2-3 mm. The movement along the X is as expected.

I had a look at the U axis settings available through Lightburn and the Step Length / pulse (which I’m not entirely sure what that represents) is considerably different than for the X and Y. I thought maybe that had something to do with the rotational amount being off, but no matter what I adjust it to, it did not help. It also did not seem to change anything if adjusted the steps/rev in the controller menu.

So, I am obviously missing something…just have no idea what.

I figured it out. I was on the right track… for some reason the controller still reads the Y axis step length and not the U axis, even though it’s in rotary mode. I had to change the Y axis step length and do some calibrating, but I got size to come out right. I just have to remember to change it every time then change it back when I’m done. Yeah… good luck with that.

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