Any suggestions for laser replacement or upgrate for an Orture Laser Master 2

Hi all,

I’ve had my laser master 2 - 15w power supply for about 2 weeks now. Made some awesome stuff. I was doing the White TIle method with great results and then the laser kind of crapped out on me. Banding and light areas all of a sudden. Many seem to think the Diode is dying. Sad after only 2 weeks. Even when I was doing a multi colored tile with very low power say 15% the laser new was killing it. Now I can’t get it to do anything at 15% and have to jack the power up to 70% to even see a difference. Nothing changed on the machine at all, settings wise.

I bought the setup from Gearbest and sadly they are giving me a major run around on replacing the laser unit. I’m wondering if there is another laser out there that is able to be placed on this machine as an upgrade?

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Very disapointed with Gearbest’s support and learned a hard lesson on buying from them again any time in the future.

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