Any suggestions would be great

Running a millright carve king, 7w jtech diode.150 ipm 75% power max. What are normal speeds for a little machine like this moving a laser? And should i run the diode at 100%. Let’s say for maple wood. Thank you .

Your speed is about right - Diode systems often run anywhere from 3000 to 6000 mm/min (118 to 236 ipm), and 100% power is normal if you’re going faster.

I notice that the ‘1’ and the G in Gomez and E in heritage are both darker, which says you’re likely not using GRBL 1.1f, and/or have slow acceleration without overscan enabled. Turning on overscan, and setting it to 5% (possibly as high as 15 or 20, depending on your accel) will help reduce the dark sides, because the head will start accelerating up to speed before the beam kicks on.

Thank you for the info. I have the right version grbl but do not have overscan on. I will adjust tonight :+1:

Set the overscan at 5% then bumped it to 8%. 150 ipm 90% laser max. Looks nice and clean. Thank you.


Much better with overscan enabled.

Looks great! What did you have your ‘interval’ set at for this? Thanks