Any way to add a command after Z movement?

Hi. I have a modifed 3D printer, so I have a Z axis.

I want add a command after first Z movement for wait to put the pieze to engrave (a m108 command ).

Any way to add this (or other) command?

Have you tried adding a start Gcode?

Its under Edit>Device Settings> then select the Gcode tab. You can add custom Start and End gcode here.

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We do not have a generic / editable GCode generator at this time. You would need to save the GCode and modify it externally, then run it.

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But I must change every time I change the height…



Feature request :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm… Simple solution.

Add a custom gcode to move high Z (100mm for example), wait and now go to the material Z…

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