Anybody having any Issues with light burn today?

Hello, is anybody’s having any issues with lightburn today? Mines keeps not responding when I go to frame. It takes a good 30 seconds or longer for it to do the framing, pretty frustrating. My laptop is working fine other than the issue with lightburn.
It has been like this for a good 6 hours now.
I have restarted and power off my laptop, which is a brand new dell laptop I have been using with lightburn.

Is this issue happening when you try creating a new file? What type of job are you running when you see this? Vector cutting, Image engraving?

There is nothing in the way LightBurn works that would change this behavior from one day to the next.

Yes it is a new file, and I am trying to engrave an image.

YES! I tried downloading the new software and for some reason my laser is totally unresponsive to the software. At first when I tried to turn the laser off, it said it was sending data, but it was hung up and unresponsive. Haven’t been able to do anything since. I upgraded to Mac OS X 11.2.3. earlier today, but the laser was moving after this.

I meant, does this happen on more than one file? Try to do a simple square, do you have the issue framing that?

Are you saying the time before the laser starts the frame, or the speed the laser is traveling during the frame?

If it is the travel speed, The speed of the ‘Frame’ is controlled by the speed setting in the ‘Move’ window.

Note that when you hover the mouse over most everything in LightBurn, you will see a Tool Tip pop up. Handy when looking for guidance. Hover and hit F1 for even more on the subject matter.

Yes it does also when I try and frame a square, and it’s the time the laser starts the frame.
I have it engraving at the moment.

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