Anybody successfully using lightburn with a Falcon 2 and Opensuse?

I recently acquired a Falcon 2 40W. My setup is OpenSuse, which has worked well with an Arduino based GRBL home made CNC (with lightburn and other software). However for whatever reason the USB connection is really flaky on the Falcon 2. I tried using a windows machine, and that works fine, so I don’t think it’s the Falcon 2.

I can get a “connection” using various tactics, but then you send one command (e.g. Home), and Lightburn says it’s busy, and it never times out. If I kill Lightburn it asks if I want to stop the “Stream in Progress”, so I assume lightburn thinks it is waiting for the Falcon 2.

I’ve followed a couple of other “solutions” on this forum and others, with no result. About 8 hours spent chasing this so far.

So has anyone had success with Opensuse, Lightburn, and a Falcon 2?