Anyone have a fiber laser?

I think I want to buy a fiber laser, Chinese of course. I mainly want to get into engraving guns, rings etc. I have a budget of 3k, I think I am going to go through Alibaba this time instead of Ebay, not that I had much problems with Ebay but for whatever reason I feel better dealing with Alibaba for some reason. I am looking at a 30 watt laser, I’ve contacted a couple of companies there, one I really like has a 2 year warranty…now does that mean anything? I have NO clue…

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I am interested in fiber laser also, but have no knowledge about them at all. The 30 watt units were the only ones that were even close to my budget but was not sure if 30 watt machines would engrave metal. Is wattage comparable between CO2 and Fiber?

From what I’ve read…30 watts is plenty enough to do guns, 50 would be better of course. I follow a couple of guys in Instagram and they use 30 Watt on the guns they do.

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We commercialize Laser Fiber in Italy, we are currently working for a customer with a 30 Watt, I assure you that to engrave is very high performance, you can even cut metals (small thickness, 2/3 mm) the markings are very deep at high powers (also 3/4 tenths of a millimeter) you can make excellent metal engravings even with a 20 Watt, but if your budget allows you choose the 30.

How much do you sell 30 watt fiber lasers for?

What is the price difference between a 20 and a 30 watt? Will a 20 watt engrave on guns just fine?

Unfortunately we only sell in Italy, they are Chinese machines but they are assembled and wired here by us, they are prepared according to the customer’s needs and their prices start at about 10,000 euros

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At this Aliexpress link you can see the machines that we treat in the two versions with the price in China:

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As you can see at the beginning the price difference is not much, so I recommend the 30 Watt

Why are these machines not crazy dangerous? It seems like it would be very easy to accidentally get a hand or finger between the laser head and the work surface when the laser is firing. What keeps people from getting hurt (other than just being super careful).

I recommend the Raycus source

The working frequency of the Fiber Laser is different from the Co2, I assure you that to get hurt you have to commit a lot;) and in any case work well only at the exact focal length (about 27 cm) above or below which do not affect, I personally passed the hand under the lens while engraving and nothing happened to me but if you put under the right focus a leather product will affect it and also very well

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Then there are also the MOPA models to make color markings:

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@Bobbygiov finally someone I can talk to instead of the Chinese manufacture. I have been talking to them on Alibaba and I am about to bang my head into the desk. They don’t really tell me anything. If a 20 watt will do what I want it to then I will buy that. I mainly want to get into engraving on pistols. I don’t really have the funds right now for a 30. But if you think the 30 is the best option I will just say up more money.

If you can get to a 30 watts of course will be the best choice, its source will live for 10,000 hours but if you work with a 30 you will have to “squeeze” much less to affect it will live more than a 20. If you do not get to the funds for on the 30th you can take 20, the work you need will do very well too

Remember that the standard worktop for a fiber like this is about 11X11 cm, if you need to affect larger areas you will have to necessarily take a 30 watt with additional focal objective that will get you to areas of 20x20 cm engraving

I have a 20w fiber, bought from a company in China. It works very well for what I use it for, which is mostly engraving stainless steel cutlery for my own webstore and silver jewelry for a commercial customer. I haven’t really messed around with the settings. The software is pretty terrible (waiting for Lightburn to bring out fiber software). I do wish I had gone for a 50w though, but budget didn’t allow for this.

I have a 20w fiber laser. It will mark steel and aluminum, but not paper. The wavelength of light is not absorbed easily by organic materials, and the reflections are very diffused. You still need to wear glasses, and some of them come with an enclosure.

Sounds like the opposite of out CO2 lasers.

Have you tired it on a pistol? That’s the main reason I want one, just wonder if a 20 watt will work or not.